Monday, July 17, 2017

Parties and Paddling!

This weekend the kids had their belated party. It was fun to spend time with the family and friends and see the boys having lots of fun. Alex was more interested in smashing his cake than eating it and Nick was having fun watching him make a big mess.

Even though we got Nick a present, I wanted to get him something to open. The problem was, we got a cheap scooter and when Bill went to put it together, he realized it was a returned item and basically junk. So, we spent half the day running around, trying to find another scooter with double wheels. Nick loved the new scooter and much better since he can ride it on the grass or road and not have it fall apart. We took it easy on Alex, since he could care less, he got a talking bear and a new outfit.

Alex had his first pizza and Nick was having fun jumping in the bounce house and riding his new scooter.

On Sunday we went to my sister in law's to paddle. It was nice since we could park at her house and paddle from the beach at the end of the road. Much better than fighting for a space at the boat launches and no crowds. We hit the water when the wind shifted, so we were paddling against the incoming tide, winds and huge waves from all the larger boats, but it was fun. I love riding the waves and on the way back, we got to do some surfing.

It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed paddling towards the Newport Bridge, though I couldn't make it all the way, we just enjoyed the fresh air and the scenery. The nice thing is, when we got back, we could go for a nice swim and relax our stiff muscles. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday Foible!

I have been doing the blocks for Words of Wisdom by Suzy's Sitcom. They are fun to do and I made mine smaller, which I wish I had made slightly larger. Since I made so many, I am just keeping them small, and hoping with some sashing, it will make a nice lap quilt size.

I finished the latest one and took a photo. That is when I noticed the difference in color, duh. I used dark red on this one and the others are a brighter red. So, maybe I will have to do another one, or maybe I will keep the darker one in, maybe make another one or two in dark so I can mix them up, what do you think?

Here are the blocks, all together. I will have to go through my stash and find a red print to go with them. The newest block looks darker than it actually is, I haven't washed out the blue marker yet and the flash focused on the others.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend. The boys are finally getting their birthday party tomorrow, so we will be celebrating that and Sunday, hoping to get out for some paddling.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Punch Needle Finish!

I have been in a punch needle mood and finished another piece. This one I made into a pillow, so it is finished, the other still needs to have a board made to fit it and some nail hooks for keys. This is also a pattern by Primitive Spirits.

I am using what I have in my scrap box and with this one, went a little vintage with some pops of color. I do wish I could get photos to get better colors, it seems a bit bright on my screen. This one was also antiqued with walnut, and the flash just washes it out.

The original pattern was smaller and done in 3 strands, I enlarged mine and used 6 strands.

Since I was stuck home this weekend, the kids came over to do a yard sale. The bad thing was, I had no time to get ready, so just threw out some larger items and what I could grab. Now I can only have one more, so not until I get the basement cleaned and all the items together. My son sat out and he is great at getting me better prices, so I sold a few things and made a little spending money.

While the kids sat out in the hot sun, I got to enjoy time with the boys. Alex is full of personality and such a happy guy, he was content to play by himself, but of course, I took him out and played with him most of the time.

Nick and Bean kept each other busy, Nick loves Bean and Bean loves Nick, they are so cute together. I hope everyone had a nice weekend.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Friday Finish and Fun on the Fourth!

I hope everyone had a good week and a fun holiday. We went low key, stayed home for the weekend and spent the fourth with my Sister in Law. I did manage to finish one project, a new stitchery from the One stitch club, by Kathy Schmitz.

I decided to put my rustic birdhouse on a shelf and thought this design would be a nice piece to go with it. I made it into a pillow and antiqued it to match the feeling of the birdhouse. The stitchery club is fun to do, one design a month and they work up quickly.

We did have a nice time at the party. My SIL has access to the beach, so I was able to go for a nice swim and enjoy some time with Nick at the beach. He loves throwing rocks and he got soaked when the waves got him a few times, but seeing him laugh and get excited at things he sees, always brings joy to my day.

I also spent time with Alex, and he has become much more social, and he seems to be such a happy little guy, I am blessed with them both.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, filled with joy and adventure. Bill has to work all weekend and my son wants to do a yard sale in my yard, so I may throw some  junk out and start cleaning out the basement.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Monday makings!

This week I got a surprise from a friend, a box of goodies and lots of patterns to work on. I was in the mood to make something new and the punch needle patterns were just what I needed. I made up two and finished this one today.

I plan on leaving it flat and attaching it to a wood board with nail pegs, to hang the keys on, at the front door area. It is a pattern by Primitive Spirits. I was lazy and took phone photos, so not the best, but I will take a better one when I finish it off.

With the holiday weekend, we didn't get out, way too many people headed to the beach and way too many accidents. It was a good weekend to get our backsplash in. I didn't want to do anything too permanent since we plan on adding an island in the future and also nicer counter tops, for now we just got stock counters which Bill was able to put in himself. The backsplash is fake tin, and easy to put it. They come in large squares so fit our area perfectly and the ones we had to size, cut with a razor knife and we put them on with heavy, double backed rug tape. So much better than the ugly walls and when we are  ready to redo the kitchen, easy to pull off.

I went with tin, the copper was darker and a bit busy, and our kitchen is small, so this was lighter. I hope you all have a wonderful fourth of July. Our neighbors are shooting off fireworks and poor Bean is hiding under the table.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Vacations must end!

This vacation was bittersweet. I have always wanted to go to Old Quarry to paddle, but this year I am not in the best shape with my injuries and watching Nick, wore me out. We were able to enjoy a lot of things and the camp was a nice place to just walk around and relax, but I really wanted to paddle to the islands and the boat rides were more than I wanted to spend right now.

We were able to get out for one paddle, one I had always wanted to do. It is in a protected area, so we avoided the winds and fog and there are islands all around. The main reason for this paddle was to go to Holbrook Island, which is part of the park we started in. It is a large island with a beach and a campground and the perfect way to spend the day.

I had the map in my photo brain, so we headed out towards the island. The paddle was in a river that led to thePenobscot bay, so I wanted to go to the mouth of the river, since it was not far away. We could see Castine and the area we had visited earlier in the week.

Bean is giving me the, hurry up and stop taking photos so we can get to the beach. He knows kayaks lead to beaches.

 We landed on a beach, that had no signs, so we figured it was ok. You can see the lighthouse sticking up, at the end of the point on the right.

This is the view to the left of us. We did paddle over to the middle of the two islands, now I wish we had gone all the way, but I had no idea what islands they were and if they were private.

It wasn't until we got back home and I looked at the area we paddled in. And that is when I realized, the island I thought was Holbrook, was a private island, duh. I knew it didn't look as nice as the photos but when we headed from the launch, we were actually on the opposite side of what I had in my mind from the map. So, this photo was taken at the launch, from across the road, the island on the left is Holbrook and the island on the left in the last photo is Holbrook, I could kick myself, lol. Next time I will use my phone to keep track of where I am. You can get turned around with so many islands and coves and with low tide, the islands connect with sandbars.

So, I missed out on landing on the island, but we still have a wonderful day of paddling and beautiful weather.

And we made it to the hill for a spectacular sunset. The sun was just going behind the mountains in this shot, I love how it cast beautiful colors through the clouds.

We had planned on an extra day to go home, but I woke up before 5 and decided to just go home. We saw a lot of places we wanted to stop at, but hard to get in with a trailer. Places to visit on another trip. We did stop at the Rockland Prison store, the prisoners make wooden items to sell to the tourists. I found a wonderful bird feeder, now I need to set up a river to put it on;) I also found the ship at a local thrift store in Blue Hill. The money goes to the local pet shelter.

I made Bill pose for a photo.

And of course we spent lots of time on beaches, most were rocky but a lot of granite. I did find some treasures to bring home, some I plan on painting and the one in the back, is a whale shape. It sits on it's own, so I will paint him and sit him on a shelf. I was surprised to find sand dollars on one beach, they were just sitting there, no others around.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend. I think it is time to hit the ocean, and hopefully we can steal Nick to have some fun on the beach with.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Vacation sights!

It is a good thing I take photos, or I would forget what I did, lol. My short term is on the fritz, but I have been on meds again and slowly getting back to my normal. We did a lot in a day, a lot of driving so we didn't get to go to as many places as I wanted, but we did enjoy some wonderful rides and sights.

One thing is, Bean is getting tired of having to stop to have his photo taken, so he is becoming a smart alec. I wanted to take a photo of them walking through the Lupines, that are all over the islands. So, when I told them to smile, this is what I got.

One day we drove to Acadia to walk to Bar Island. The island is accessible at low tide only, so you can walk across to the island and hike up to the top and we made it at the right time, this year. The problem was getting a parking space, there were none. We drove a street up and found one, right at the access road, so much better than parking in town. 

The walk was fun and cooling with the cross breezes and the views at the top of the island, were spectacular. This is looking down at the sand bar and Bar Harbor. We also went to Thunder Hole and the tide was just right to watch the waters come in and pound into the hole. You can see a video on my You Tube Channel.

On the day we went to Nervous Nellies, we also stopped at the Haystack School. They have a public area that you can walk down the stairs, to enjoy the views. The school has art classes and beautiful condo style lodgings on the sides of the hills. 

The last stop was the Tennis Preserve, which I thought was an easy walk, but turned out to be a long walk and lots of hills, roots, rocks and mosquitos, but the views are beautiful. 

On rides we saw some beautiful sites, this field of flowers had a gorgeous view and I think it may be a future design element. 

And at one causeway, we spotted these boaters. Something seemed off to me, and I stopped for a closer look, can you see why? 

We also did a hike up the quarry, we had a path, right from the camp. It was fun climbing around and exploring and this is the view we had, haha. The board shows you what you are supposed to see.

We also stopped in Castine to enjoy the views from the docks and the forts. One reason we like that area is because they have a wonderful dog beach and we explored that for awhile and I even found three small sand dollars, I never knew they were up this far north, now I do. Bill and Bean are exploring the old fort.

I did take a lot of photos, boats and scenery, but the fog kept getting on my lens and leaving spots, so a pain to clean up, someday I will get to them and some might end up in a design. One thing I love is sunsets, and we were able to get another clear night and headed up to the hill to watch it. The sad thing was, when we got to the turn off, the police had it blocked off. There was a bad accident with one driver getting killed, so we headed back and watched it as we drove down the road. I was able to find a spot that the sun was still coming through and I loved the colors in the sunset and sky. 

Tomorrow I will finish with our paddle and last day, I hope you are enjoying seeing a little of what the Downeast area of Maine has to offer.